Retail Tours

We are always on the lookout for new innovative strategies adapted and personalised for tomorrow’s consumer.

For 5 years we have been working with a wide range of companies to accompany them in the evolution of their retail strategies. As a starting point we organise made –to-measure visits to different cities around the world, exploring places and themes that are inspirational in their approach to today’s retail challenges and that create new user experiences.


Retail Tours

Retail is fascinating today as it is a direct reflection on how our modern society is evolving. We have spent time exploring, researching and analysing the latest innovations within the retail market and identifying new business challenges. The aim is to help our clients understand the new issues and challenges they face, making them tangible so that the brand can benefit from our insights and can then innovate. Each retail tour is made to measure taking into account the specific realities and needs laid out in the client's brief. We look to be both creative and pragmatic in our approach, with personalised/organised visits to Paris, New York, London, Berlin or Amsterdam, as well as locations further afield such as Asia.

Our retail tours offer concrete solutions relating to current issues such as in-store user experience, web to store, the future of loyalty, the role of the sales associate, sustainable development, and digital technology transforming the omni-channel experience.  


Trends Exploration

We analyse and study the latest consumer trends around the world and the direct effect they can have on business, and this touching on the digital, retail, mobility / transportation, and sharing-economy sectors. We share this information with our clients through the organisation of immersive visits, inspirational workshops and/or personalised conferences.



Designed to be key strategic drivers within a range of different sectors, we organise conferences exploring subjects such as innovation, digital transformation, changes within the luxury sector and the latest retail trends.

For example, a recent series of conferences included the following topics: Sustainability in the High-End Retail Sector, The Digital Age within the Luxury Industry, How to Recruit and Retain the Young “Millennials” of the Generation Z, and Innovation and Trends within the Food Industry.