We organise conferences that explore topics such as the customer journey, retail innovations, the success of the omni-channel, the importance of storytelling, digital transformation, technology as a support for the customer experience, developments in the luxury sector, consumer loyalty, the use of the 5 senses in the customer journey as well as more general retail trends.


Our upcoming conferences:

  • How retail is coping with the COVID-19 crisis: creating safe conditions in shop while continuing to stimulate emotions among consumers
  • Reinventing tomorrow's user experiences, taking into account recommendations for distance and hygiene. We are interested in the beauty, food and hospitality sectors, among others.
  • Retailtainment and E-entertainment - the birth of new communities of passionate users
  • Collective awareness, sensitisation and community: sustainable development and its impact on society. Consumers are imposing new ethical, societal and environmental constraints on brands.
  • Online sales, the major asset of brands in these uncertain times.
  • Luxury and the culture of the immersive experience - a digital opportunity?
  • The "gamification" of retail: new opportunities to explore.

Stay tuned on all the upcoming conferences!

Formats are flexible. We organise conferences open to all, friendly breakfasts, company presentations, afternoon exchanges.

For each theme, professionals from the sector accompany us.

All our conferences are tailor-made and we adapt to your needs.