Due to our extensive knowledge of the design industry we have been able to develop a unique expertise using techniques for creativity.

These can be harnessed to increase company growth and re-energize business and teams. With this in mind, we organise brainstorming sessions and workshops with marketing, sales and design teams (because not only designers have creative talent!).



We also offer a professional coaching service for those looking to boost their career prospects and progress professionally in the job market. Together, we can identify your strengths, define your career goals and help you create a personalized plan designed to meet your personal and professional objectives. 


Creative Workshops

We also organise creative workshops designed to help teams (marketing, communication, design, retail, advertising, digital …) think “out of the box” and approach problems differently with a new or alternative perspective. During these work sessions the different teams are encouraged to develop creative thought with a “no-holds-barred approach”, based on story telling techniques, where they will be given an insight into new consumer trends, discover more about socio-cultural changes and learn more about the emerging new technologies.


Team Building

It has been proven that developing teamwork can make your company more efficient and productive leading to economic growth.

Our team building sessions are specifically designed to develop the motivation and unity of teams, build moral and improve communication while developing people’s individual strengths. A creative think tank that encourages collaboration and co-operation between staff in order for them to work together more successfully.

These team-building sessions are personalised for each company and can be held for one-day or longer, depending on client requirements. Our aim is to put in place group-based strategy, centred on a series of fun and educational activities. We also put in place exercises designed to enhance self-understanding and personal awareness, and to balance the use of verbal and non-verbal communication.