We offer a number of services to support people seeking to improve their career prospects, change jobs and/or advance professionally.

Together, we can identify and use your strengths, define your career goals and help you create an action plan to help you realise your potential.


Our services are aimed at designers and non-creative people, without distinction! The basis of our method, however, explores your creativity and the different ways, in which you might approach things, in order to open up new perspectives for yourself and/or your team.

Coaching is a creative process that helps you achieve your goal in a relatively short period of time. It is a path to your own success. Our coaching addresses your professional problems at all levels, whether it is about leadership and management issues, approaching business strategy differently, developing skills and abilities to optimise your performance at work, increasing self-confidence or building on your strengths. The coach accompanies the client in exploring and searching for their own reasoning, through powerful personalised questioning and key exercises.

You are your best expert, our role is to accompany you and create the conditions necessary for you to find your own answers that will allow you to fully achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our career coaching and skills assessment packages are designed to help you analyse your career path from the past to the present, drawing on your strongest experiences and your different skills to ultimately choose the direction you wish to take in the future.

As part of the catalogue of training programmes available on, we offer you two skills assessment packages.

Classic skills assessment - 15 hours

Intensive skills assessment - 8 hours

People based in France and eligible for the CPF can apply to use their personal budget to carry out a skills assessment.

Our two packages will focus on the success of your project and provide you with the communication tools you need to take action.

These packages are of course accessible to everyone, whether or not you are eligible for the CPF. Each package is tailor-made and takes into account your specific objectives, questions, obstacles and career path.

The Competence Assessment Programme is a perfect way to plan your next steps if you want to assess your career and the value of your different professional experiences, in order to move to a new level of responsibility, to a management or executive position, but also if you want to change direction or sector. We can explore together the markets you are heading towards, analyse the job offers and advertisements in them in order to build a set of relevant communication tools (CV/Portfolio/Social Networks).