Retail Tours

Retail is a major strategic issue for brands, both from a commercial point of view and in terms of image.

Impacted by increased competition and the omnipresence of digital, the physical shop is more than ever a decisive point of contact in the relationship between a consumer and a brand.


Retail is fascinating today because it clearly reflects the evolution of our society. It is important to understand how people purchase, how they interact with outlets and what drives them to buy. Several factors in daily life have a strong impact on this sector, for example, shops may close for several weeks, and customers have to learn to shop differently, with more and more purchases being made online, for example. The retail space is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Brands need to create a personalised, memorable and seamless experience throughout the customer journey. 44% of in-store sales are influenced by Internet presence and 92% of sales were still made in physical outlets before.

Shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, etc. are striving to acquire a more human and interactive dimension by exploring an Omni-channel or multi-channel approach.

Together with our partners around the world, we explore, research and analyse the latest retail innovations and identify new business challenges. During the organisation of our retail tours, we are at the heart of the innovations and strategies put in place by the brands to involve their customers, engage them in a long-lasting relationship and provide them with a real immersion and interactive experience.

Our aim is to help our clients understand the new issues and challenges they face, making them tangible so that their brand can benefit from a real insight into consumer expectations and then continue to innovate and develop their business.

This expertise permits us to understand the issues, problems and profiles that will enable you to consolidate your retail strategy. Our international team (one of which is based in England) gives us an opening in both our search for talent and our cultural approach.

The objective of the retail trends tour is to see and experience what is being done today by the different brands and to be inspired by them through a selection of visits to retail spaces. The tour itinerary is punctuated by meetings with retailers, shop managers, agency managers, start-ups, etc. who talk about their strategies and how they are implemented. Each visit is preceded and followed by a precise decrypting by our team.

Our retail trends tours all begin with a presentation that provides an understanding of the current issues and problems in retail, supported by figures and a focus on the themes of the day.

Our tours explore trends related to current issues such as the in-store user experience, the balance between online and physical activities, the future of customer loyalty, the role of the salesperson and sales manager, sustainability and digital technology transforming the omni-channel experience.

Each visit is personalised and takes into account the specific realities and needs outlined in the brief. Our approach is both creative and pragmatic, with tailor-made visits and retail tours.

Retail tour locations: Paris, London, New York, Berlin or Amsterdam, as well as more distant cities or countries in Asia and the United States.

Contact us and join us for a retail tour that will meet your expectations!

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