It is often difficult to be objective in regards to the organisation of a company.

Understanding how a team, be it design, marketing, communication, etc., is formed and functions from the inside, is essential and key to developing an organisational strategy. Bringing together talented profiles, to produce the best possible results is an important step towards the success of a brand and overall the company.


As recruitment specialists, we know how important the structure of a team is.

But how does a company create and develop a team? Which designers are needed to create the best design cohesion? How do you attract the best talent to your company? These are questions we at Lemens & Partners can help answer through our insight and knowledge of the design, fashion, luxury, retail, communication and digital markets. The mapping of structures similar to those of your industry, whether large or small, is essential to create your own team.

We offer tailor-made organisational mappings, adapted to your needs and capable of answering the questions of your industry.

Talent mapping is a presentation that helps you understand and answer various questions about candidates. What types of candidates are out there, where will you find them, what are their salaries and for which companies do they work? This information will help you to identify what talents you have and what types of talents you will need in order to achieve your company goals.

Our personalized talent mappings provide our clients with the ability to understand and respond dynamically and successfully to market changes. On the operational side, we support our clients in organizational consulting, in defining a recruitment strategy as well as in the creation of business units.

Through our research and experience you will have an enhanced comprehension of your industry culture relating to talent and the main players driving creative initiatives.

From junior profiles and all the way up to VP profiles, we carry out our mapping in all types of sectors (identity, concept, creation, public relations, press relations, digital, communication, marketing, etc.). We do this in order to offer you an in-depth examination of the market and the distribution of teams internally, helping you to establish the most suitable profiles corresponding to your vision.

Lemens & Partners can help you question yourself as a brand and help you achieve the right organisational structure for your team.