Gebr. Heinemann’s retail tour in London

It was the perfect example of how a good collaboration can lead to a unique experience that
both sides still look back on fondly today: with Gebr. Heinemann, we designed and realized
an extraordinary retail trend tour through London.

The mission of Gebr. Heinemann is to inspire travelers with unforgettable shopping experiences,
turning travel time into valuable time. The travel retailer knows that trends and innovations play
an important role in this. It embraces inspiration, seeks out new experiences and also wanted to
share this spirit with business partners from Europe and Africa – a task in which we were very
happy to work with them.

Together, we created a personalized two-day retail tour that not only invited to discover and be
amazed, but also to intensify relationships. We visited the most innovative, inspiring and
spectacular retail locations in London, powered by imagination, curiosity and creativity, met a
selection of industry experts and took away many ideas for future business opportunities.
We look back on a great project with Gebr. Heinemann and are also delighted to have been
able to gain insights into the exciting business of travel retail.